20 April 2015, Monday – Information

Under French supervision, the rescue work is going faster than expected due to the unusually sunny weather at the crash site in the last two weeks. Identification of the victims has begun and specialists are comparing the 150 DNA profiles isolated at the site with personal items provided by the family members. The authorities will need several weeks for this.
Being in limbo is just plain annoying. Hopefully they will be able to identify something from Jens. And if not? Will there be a funeral?
80 % of the debris from the airbus has been collected and the size of the parts ranges from a few centimeters to several square metres.
The impact of the crash on the environment is not yet clear. Experts suspect that the ground is contaminated with kerosene and hydraulic oil so that the soil will have to be removed. The goal is to finish all the work before winter. Then it is planned for Lufthansa/Germanwings together with the mayors of Le Vernet and Prads, local residents and family members to determine how the victims can be memorialized at the crash site.
At the moment we just have to be patient until the criminal investigators inform us that Jens has been identified. The waiting is very hard on us.
I´m happy that our family are there for each other and that my young granddaughter brings us joy. She makes us laugh, frolics around the flat and encourages us to play with her.
Once again we pack our bags. Tomorrow we fly to Marseille for the second time to be with Jens in the mountains. In the last four weeks we´ve been travelling an unusual amount. Or are we on the run?

© Brigitte Voß / Translation: Ellen Rosenbaum


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