1 June 2015, Monday – The Outrage Begins

We go into the city to shop for clothes for the funeral. Knowing whose funeral it is for brings tears to my eyes.
When we get home the ordeal begins which would almost drive us to the verge of a breakdown for the next two weeks.
Melanie rings from Düsseldorf. She contacted Germanwings´ Care Center and learned that they are planning to transfer all remains to Düsseldorf on the 9th and 10th of June. A memorial service will follow. The funeral home we are working with will then organise the transfer of Jens´s remains by car to our home town of Leipzig. The other option would be a direct flight, much later, from Marseille to Leipzig. They did not want to give us a timeframe. After all the long and painful waiting we refuse to do this.
But why is there no flight from Düsseldorf to Leipzig? We could attend the ceremony in Düsseldorf and then fly back with Jens´s casket.
We ring Germanwings again. They struggle to find a logical answer but can´t.
That´s outrageous! Why do we have to travel from Saxony to North Rhein Westphalia (1,000 km return) if we want to meet Jens´s casket in person in Germany? Not only is the drive stressful but we´re going to be nervous wrecks when we have to face the casket and know that our child is inside – at least parts of him. But we owe it to Jens. How much will be left of him?
Once again we ring the Care Center and they imply that we did not send back two documents which were necessary to have the remains returned. This is quite simply wrong. They´ve even got two copies because our lawyer also sent them just to be on the safe side. After a lengthy search they finally find the documents. Lufthansa should get its paperwork in order before they blame the families!
Our nerves are shot. Around midnight I email a complaint to our lawyer.

© Brigitte Voß / Translation: Ellen Rosenbaum


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