6 June 2015, Saturday – In Düsseldorf

Jens´s brother Thomas arrives at Melanie´s around noon. We look at the things Jens left behind and divide some of them up. Here is his favourite book, there are certificates from sporting events, etc. Our souls are in pain.
Melanie´s parents arrive in the afternoon from Xanten. Everyone is depressed. They loved him very much. Although Hans is well over 70 Jens inspired him to start cycling, and since then he´s been doing it every day. “Bike for Jens,“ he often hears now. He even took part in the Nibelungen Triathlon in Xanten. He biked while Jens did the running and swimming. They were a relay team. My husband and I had fun watching and cheered them on using all sorts of noise makers. Hans kept up and can quite rightly be proud of his performance. They wanted to do it again this year. A co-pilot who worked for Germanwings prevented it forever.
The telephone rings. It´s Germanwings. The woman checks that Melanie would like to fly from Paris to Marseille to accompany the casket from there to Leipzig. She´s planning to attend an informational meeting hosted by the French prosecutor in Paris. There are still questions about the funeral home and type of burial, which we have already answered several times on the phone and in writing. On Monday she will ring back for further information.
Now this is going to work, I believe confidently. (But — it´s often worse than you think…)
The next day we zoom down the motorway, headed home.

© Brigitte Voß / Translation: Ellen Rosenbaum


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