IMPORTANT! Petition to Reopen the Investigation in Germany

I ask you from the bottom of my heart to click on the link below and sign the petition.
The Düsseldorf prosecutor´s investigation into the Germanwings crash was closed at the beginning of the year, although we still have no clarity on how such a mentally unstable co-pilot was able to gain access to the cockpit.
I can´t help but feel that the prosecutors do not want a thorough investigation to be conducted. An example: all requests made by the victims´ attorneys to present evidence were refused in an astonishingly short time.  We have never received a full explanation, including why the investigation was closed.
A detailed explanation is absolutely necessary to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening again.
My main concern is that Jens and all the victims receive justice.  Their death could have been prevented.  To know this is horrific.

© Brigitte Voß / Translation: Ellen Rosenbaum

T H E  P E T I T I O N

The translation of the petition in English 

In the name of the families: Frank Noack

The Crash of 4U9525 –  The Düsseldorf Prosecutor´s Decision to Close the Investigation

Germanwings Flight 4U9525 was a scheduled passenger flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf operated by Germanwings. On 24 March 2015 the Airbus A 320-211 crashed in the Prads-Haute-Bleone commune in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department in southern France. All passengers were killed.

Many of the victims´ families are desperate to get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding the crash of Flight 4U9525 on 24 March 2015.

The goal of the petition is to initiate an investigation which identifies the connections and accountability and makes these answers public.

The French Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authority (BEA) released its final report on 13 March 2016. It confirmed their assumption from the preliminary report that the mentally ill co-pilot locked himself in the cockpit and deliberately and intentionally crashed the airplane. According to investigators´ findings, he had been taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills at the time of the crash. The experts could not determine a clear diagnosis; “however, the majority of the expert group consulted by the BEA is of the opinion that due to the available medical documentation, a psychiatric-depressive episode which the co-pilot suffered, which began in December 2014 and lasted until the day of the accident, could be assumed.“  Two weeks before the crash Lubitz was diagnosed with a potential psychosis by a doctor who recommended that he be admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

However, the certificates of disability were not forwarded to Germanwings.

This proves that medical confidentiality was more important to all the doctors than warning against the danger and consequences caused by it. This must change.

It is necessary to determine where mistakes were made in dealing with the co-pilot, and where those responsible made no decisions or the wrong decisions, thus accepting that their choices caused the death of many.

Why did the investigation end with the death of the perpetrator in this case and why were the circumstances unexplained and not made public?

We see a loophole in the law. It is in the interest of the families to highlight this loophole and demand a change in the rule of law.

Moreover, we are disconcerted to see that these further-reaching investigations are left to the prosecutor´s office of another country, which itself suffered no fatalities. It is urgent that these investigations be carried out here as the co-pilot´s illness was diagnosed in Germany, as well as the misconduct of the authorities responsible which led to the crash.

The BEA´s report is extensive and detailed and for the most part deals with the course of events relating to the flight. The accusation raised by the co-pilot´s father that the door mechanism was defective was not established.

The BEA´s report says nothing about the important events during the co-pilot´s life before the crash. An investigation has not been conducted as all the doctors refer to medical confidentiality. This can only be overturned in court.

We, the bereaved families, feel abandoned by our government. We perceive all the full-throated assurances expressed publicly by our representatives as empty words not followed by actions.

It is very important for the bereaved families to get thorough clarification. The changes which must be unquestionably implemented after this crash should be made accessible to all people in order to obtain safety for future flights and generations.

Our deceased loved ones must receive justice.

Please support us by signing and sharing our petition.

Translation: Ellen Rosenbaum


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  1. The question needs to be answered fully and a prevention of it happening again implimented worldwide. Protect plane passengers.

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