Real disasters leave scars on the souls of families who have lost loved ones. They are tears which burrow deep into the psyche and will likely never heal. They torment us, but others don´t notice our pain as it is immeasurable and invisible to them. It just hurts so very much! I know what I´m talking about:
Our son Jens is dead. On 24 March 2015 he flew on a Germanwings Airbus A320 from Barcelona to Düsseldorf and was deliberately murdered, along with all the other passengers, by the co-pilot.
No one has returned from the world where he is now, as much as we wish it could be.
Jens was 37 years old and is survived by me, my husband, his brother, his sister-in-law, his young niece, his elderly grandmother, his girlfriend and her parents as well as loads of friends and acquaintances. Everyone liked his positive outlook and optimism as well as his upbeat manner.
Flight number 4U9525 and the merciless crash into a mountainside in southern France will define the rest of the families´ lives, while everyone else will forget. Everyday life returns, new things happen, past events fade.
The diary, written in retrospect, is a tentative attempt to free the soul. But the disaster is anchored in my brain and will always be a part of me.
You are invited to join me if you like. You will experience how it is when the world threatens to collapse from one second to the next and nothing is as it once was.


© Brigitte Voß / Translation: Ellen Rosenbaum


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